Preserved Flowers

What are Preserved Flowers?

Preserved flowers are live flowers that are preserved through a special organic chemical process, and do not require watering.
They are fresh and soft in texture like live flowers, but arrangements last a very long time

Taking care of Preserved Flowers

Displaying arrangements:

  • avoid contact with water
  • not in humid environments
  • avoid contact with direct sunlight or strong light
  • keep away from strong breeze eg. air conditioners and fans
  • place away from other interior objects, as dyes may come off arrangements
  • When covered in dust, gently use a small brush and sweep it off.

Damaged arrangements:

  • Damage caused by humidity is repairable. Place arrangement in a box (semi-sealed) with hard silica gel for 2~3 days.
  • Tears and cracks from dry environments cannot be repaired.

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