Professional & Diploma Course

Professional Course

This course is for students who have completed the With Love Basic Course, the Flower Blooming lesson, and the With Love Advanced Course.

The course aims to help students practice and master the techniques necessary to create thir own preserved flower arrangements and designs. Students will also create a wedding bouquet using many different materials.

Students may try to obtain a Diploma Certificate after completing the With Love Basic, Advanced, and Professional Courses and Flower Blooming lesson.

There are 10 arrangements to be made (students may choose from available flower colours):

  1. Frame Arrangement
  2. Open Box Arrangement
  3. Japanese Style Chrysanthemum (mum) Arrangement
  4. Table Arrangement
  5. Macaron Tower Arrangement
  6. Cymbidium Glass Arrangement
  7. Four Square Arrangement
  8. Topiary Arrangement
  9. Round Wedding Bouquet
  10. Stem Arrangement

Time required: 2+ hours per arrangement
Course Fee: HK$15000 ** (includes all material and tuition fees)

** The fee is for July 2017, and is subject to change based on material costs.

* Payment may be made in bulk or split into three payments (HK$5000X3=HK$15000) at the start of lessons.
* Payment options are: cash or Bank Transfer.
* Please bring to the lesson a bag with a flat bottom surface to take your arrangement home.
* All tools will be prepared by With Love.

It is possible for students to create 2 or 3 arrangements in one focused day. Please indicate your preference in the application.

With Love Diploma

Students who have completed the With Love Basic, Advanced, and Professional Courses and the Flower Blooming lesson may take the Diploma Exam.

Diploma Fee: HK$1500 (This fee does not cover material costs)

Diploma Exam

The Diploma Exam consists of two parts:

  1. Diploma (Graduation) Arrangement

    The student designs and creates their own preserved flower arrangement using at least 10 flower heads.
    * The student must pay for cost of the materials the use, separately from the Diploma Fee.
    * Please discuss with us about order materials.

  2. A simple written test about Preserved Flowers

After passing the Diploma Exam, the student will receive a With Love Diploma Certificate.

After Obtaining the Diploma

With Love can introduce the student to a supplier in Japan, where they may obtain materials at a discounted price. Materials can be mailed directly to Hong Kong or Japan.

A student may gain further experience by volunteering as an assistant in lessons, or by helping create ordered arrangements.

Students may take the With Love Professional Route Class.

With Love Professional Route Class

The Professional Route is possible for students who have completed the With Love Courses and obtained the Diploma Certificate.

The Professional Route is for students who are interested in becoming professional preserved flower designers, or in opening a Branch School of With Love.

The student is guided on necessary skills such as obtaining materials, designing, deciding on pricing, arrangement wrapping and packing, and setting up a class.

Professional Route Class Fee: HK$2500
Time Required: 4 hours

Guidance Class for Opening a With Love Branch School

In this class, With Love will guide you with tips for arranging, and ways to teach lessons.

A Branch School of With Love may teach Course lessons from With Love. With Love will provide recipes of the With Love Courses for the Branch School.

After students at the Branch School complete the With Love Diploma Test, With Love can provide them with a With Love Diploma Certificate.

Fee for Guidance Class for Opening a Branch School: HK$3000
Branch School Yearly Registration Fee: HK$2000 per year
Time Required for Guidance Class: 4 hours

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