Flower Blooming

At With Love, we use bloomed and adjusted roses when creating arrangements, to make the roses look more natural and gorgeous.

Students beginning the Advanced Course must first complete a Flower Blooming Lesson.

During a Blooming Lesson, students use roses of different sizes and from different manufacturers. They will learn two different Flower Blooming methods that use a Blooming kit and a Hot Glue Pot.

Students will bloom a total of 11 roses (students may choose from available flower colours):

  1. 10 roses (S to L sized); See note below on arrangement
  2. 1 AMOROSA rose (a large rose) to create a three-way frame arrangement

Time required: 3~4 hours total for 11 roses
Lesson Fee: HK$1250 ** (does not include cost of optional arrangement of 1.)

** The prices are for July 2017, and are subject to change based on material costs.

Students can use the 10 bloomed roses (from 1.) to create an arrangement in a vase of their choice.
In this case, the additional fees are: Flower Vase price (HK$30~) + Accessory fees (HK$50~) + Additional Lesson fee ($100).

* Payment should be made in cash at the lesson.
* Please bring to the lesson a bag with a flat bottom surface to take your arrangement home.

* Interested students may purchase their own blooming equipment. Please feel free to contact us.



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