Bouquet Course

This course is for students who have completed the Flower Blooming lesson and have preserved flower arranging experience.

In this course, students will use preserved flowers to create 5 bouquets (students may choose from available flower colours):

  1. Round Bouquet
  2. Heart-shaped Bouquet
  3. Melia Bouquet
  4. Bag Bouquet
  5. Cascaded Bouquet
Time required: 3+ hours per arrangement
Total Fee: HK$15000 **

** The fee is for July 2017, and is subject to change based on material costs.

* Payment may be made in bulk or split into three payments (HK$5000X3=HK$15000) at the start of lessons.
* Payment options are: cash or Bank Transfer.
* Please bring to the lesson a bag with a flat bottom surface to take your arrangement home.
* All tools will be prepared by With Love.

After successful completion of the course, students may receive a Bouquet Course Diploma Certificate for an additional fee of HK$1000.

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